5 Garage Door Trends for 2016

New Year brings along a wave of new trends and styles. And when it comes to enhancing the curb appeal of your home, one of the easiest ways is to update your existing garage doors. After all, “First impression is the last impression.” Here’s what you have to look forward to in 2016.


The looks of garage door are incredibly vital for home dwellers.These can represent about 40% of a home’s curb appeal. After all, garage doors often create the first impression on any spectator.

Garage Door Trends

Being the largest entryway to the home, garage doors are the focal point of a home’s exterior. As such, homeowners are always worried about improving and enhancing the design and appearance of their garage doors.

So, here are 5 interesting trends that are in the air about how to update the existing garage doors.

Bigger the Better

Being an important part of their property, showcasing the garages is the top demand of home owners these days. As such, home owners prefer bigger doors for their garages. Not only the garage doors are completely integrated into a home’s style, but also look amazing on their own. To keep up the pace with style, garage doors are getting bigger today.

Faux Wood Garage Doors

Wooden doors not only increase the look of a home but also add a level of sophistication to it. But, wooden doors are quite expensive.And for this reason, homeowners are making investments to install fiberglass or steel garage doors. It not only saves them big but also gets them the look of wood. Moreover, fiberglass garage doors increase insulation and that saves even more money!

Maintenance-Free Garage Doors

As garage doors become more efficient, and as garage door companies provide customer-forward service, maintenance of this GIANT moving objectbecomes much easier. Although, it’s good to become familiar with the major components of a garage door, homeowners will rely more on technology and their service providers for their overall functionality, maintenance and service.

Connecting Technology with Garages

Undoubtedly, technology has made many of our everyday tasks easier, faster and more convenient. While the demand for simple yet efficient devices doesn’t ends at iPhones and Android devices, homeowners prefer to install automatic garage door systems these days.

Automatic garage door openers make the task of opening and closing the garage doors faster and easier. For this reason, it’s very likely that 2016 will see more homeowners installing automatic openers for their new or existing homes.

The ‘Color of the Year’ is White

Warm color tones were a hit in the previous year. However, 2016 is set to welcome whites. Paint manufacturer Benjamin Moore declared ‘simply white’ as the 2016 ‘color of the year’.

Ellen O’Neill, creative director of Benjamin Moore said,“White is not just a design trend, it is a design essential. The popularity of white, the necessity of white, the mystique of white is quantifiable in our industry”.


Garage door trends are an outcome of current time and ideology. And the current trends are greatly inspired by the technology and self-expression. While home dwellers use colors to express themselves, technology gives them safety and peace of mind.As these factors change, so will the garage door trends.

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