4 Highly Useful and Smart Garage Door Applications

Post 1970, most of the single and double-door garages became part of housing apartments. People used to manually open heavy garage doors, usually made of steel or wood. But years later, the smartphone era is here, and all you do is swipe a finger on the touchscreen to control the garage operations.

An unprecedented amount of control over the frequently used area of your apartment can be gained simply by installing a nifty app on your iPhone. These apps streamline the mundane task of garage control with your iPhone and frees up your mind.

Garage Doors Opener

So, next time when you will be out on holidays, forget about getting scared feelings about car/bike loss or damage to your garage as real-time notifications help to keep users in loop. Having such powerful apps in your pocket means all the control at your hand. Let Us start knowing about each one of them.

1. My Door Opener

As the name suggests, MY Door Opener allow users to ditch their old garage door remote control equipments for a reliable choice. This is a more secure mode of entrance to your garage. This productive app in the field of ‘garage door opening’ takes full advantage of the updated iOS 7 by Apple. Further, My Door Opener app can also be used for home automation purposes as it is compatible with a wide range of devices.

Post requisite hardware deployment, My Door Opener is ready to use the moment (once) it is installed. It can act as a control hub for remotely controlling other security systems at your fireplace and home entrance too. The app has a feature that enables text alerts to your iPhone in case your garage door is opened. This app can be purchased directly from the iTunes store.

2. GarageMate

GarageMate is an easy to use app that takes no more than five minutes to install. It requires pairing with a receiver to communicate with your garage door opener so that no one can hack the system remotely via iPhone. The receiver costs nearly $50 and requires a physical connection with your garage door opener.

3. NiOGarage

This app negates the possibility of buying expensive hardware to replace your old garage door opener. NiOGarage retro-fits with the existing system and allows remote access to your garage via iPhone. The app is bundled free of cost with a Wi-Fi connected receiver available for $149.

4. Craftsman Assurelink Garage Door Opener:

This wonderful app is bundled with craftsman garage control kits costing around $249. It is a widely trusted brand that eliminates any guesswork of matching proprietary product pieces during the setup. Apart from notifying users about latest developments via text messages on their iPhone, this app can also be configured to control house lights.

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