4 Latest Garage Door Styles and Trends in Staten Island

Which latest garage door styles you must choose for your home in Staten Island? Here we’ve come up with some cool garage door trends according to the lifestyle and climate in Staten Island.

Garage Door Styles and Trends in Staten Island

You may come across several homes in Staten Island which have the beautiful garage doors being visible from the distance. And you can’t help but appreciate the beauty of that home! That is the impact of garage doors which not only improve the curb appeal of your home but also increase its value.

Therefore, choosing a sophisticated garage door style can give a spectacular makeover to your plain exteriors.

From sleek clean steal to the elegant fiberglass, there are large options in garage doors. Plus, technology has revamped them in a way that they can be operated from your smartphone.

Here are some enchanting garage door styles you can choose from.

Bold Colors

Bold colors garage doors are good options for those who are looking to give a statement to their plain and simple exterior. So, replace your boring white color garage door with those coming with eye catching colors like brown, grey, green and clay. Garage door in bold color will accentuate your exteriors and draws an attention even from the distance.

Faux Wood Garage Doors

Looking to give an elegant touch to your home exterior? Look no further than a faux wood garage doors. They are elegance and unleash a rustic vibes making you close to the nature. Nowadays, several garage doors look like real wood doors, though they are not as durable as faux wood door. Apart from making your home look “classy”, faux wood garage doors keep the garage insulated and are the soundproof.

Aluminum Garage Doors:

They are durable and can be as sophisticated as the wooden doors. Plus, they are free from rust and corrosion. All hints point toward aluminum garage doors. And aluminum garage door will be the best suited to wet and dump climatic conditions in Staten Island.

Smart Phone Operated Garage Doors:

These doors are different from traditional garage doors as they are operated from phone and are built with Wi-Fi feature letting you connect any additional device. You can open the garage door from anywhere by using your app from a smartphone. Apart from convenience, the door is really handy in situation when you forget to shut it.

We hope you liked the above mentioned trendy garaged door styles. But keep the budget and preferences in mind while choosing the garage doors.

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