5 Garage Safety Risks That Can Harm Your Family And Pets

There are many dangers lurking inside your garage which may pose a serious danger to your family and pets. Explore here the garage dangers and the optimal solutions to deal with them.
Garage Safety Risks That Can Harm Your Family And Pets

Have you ever thought your garage can be the risky place? Given the presence of chemicals, fuels, falling door and poor ventilation, your garage is the potential danger place. Your kids may be inviting risk by playing carelessly or making mischief with the inside belongings. Your pets may be stuck in the doors or can fell to bigger injuries. These are some unpleasant possibilities associated with the garage you don’t want to happen with your beloved ones. Here are some common risks you need to keep out of your garage for your family and pets safety.

Worn Out Garage Door:

A garage doors with faulty mechanism can be the potential danger as they can fall easily. As they are heavy, you can easily imagine how much injury they can reach on falling on anyone. This is happen because the garage doors spring are worn out and remain no stronger to support the functions.

Consider the repairing and maintenance of garage door each 3-4 years. If you are aware at that point, you can protect your family from the serious accident of door collapsing.

Improper Storage of Chemicals and Fuels:

Generally, a homeowner stores pesticides, rat poisons, engine oils, paints, and industrial cleaners at his garage. But it is equally true that they are rarely stored or organized properly. For example, there is no lid over engine fluid; easily accessible rat poisons, and big jars of industrial cleaners near inflammable objects. If your garage have same scenario, you may meet the troubles soon if your pet accidentally lick the poison or kids playfully light the matches near the fuel container.
Keep dangerous and poisonous liquids and chemicals out of child reach by sealing them properly.

Insufficient Garage Lighting:

Well, insufficient lighting can’t do the damage directly; rather it can be the factor behind them. Whether you’re at garage or home, proper lighting is essential to do all works easily in safer way. Unfortunately, one third of American garages lack the sufficient lighting. Without the proper lightings, you can’t easily spot the moving machinery or misjudged the position or shape of an object. Remember, most of the garages are messy and disorganized.

So, it’s wise and nice idea to have additional lighting apparatus’ and fixtures mounted over or near stairs, work areas and congested places in your garage. Consider purchasing portable lamp if it’s not easy to replace the fixtures or rewiring of the garage.

Poor Ventilation:

You may not require your garage to be ventilated as it’s not your living room. But you must do it as the poor ventilation may create bigger risk. If you store combustible materials in your garage, the over insulation can create problem. Besides, the carbon monoxide produced by your car will be building up in your garage and poses a serious health risk if the place is not ventilated.

Install an exhaust fan to blow out the foul air, fumes and harmful gases. Make sure you open the garage door while you work.

Unlocked Vehicles:

Kids like to play in car and take it as if they are really driving it. Having an unlocked car at garage in this scenario is the big lurking risk. Possibly, they climb into the car can lock the unlock door. If the keys are inside the car, chances are they start the car and what happens next is not beyond your imagination.

Keep your vehicles locked and try to keep the keys out of their reach. Keep a car escape tool in case you need to break the window to save the trapped kids.

So, these are some dangers you need to keep out of your garage to ensure the safety of your beloved ones and pets as well. What do you think? Let us know by commenting below!

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