5 Signs Your Garage Door Needs a Professional Service

There are several issues in garage door for which you need to call professionals.

At any point of time, your garage door may get on your nerves with imbalances and safety risks like worn out hardware, worn out springs, noises and mechanism malfunctions. This is the time you only realize the importance of the door for your belonging’s safety and convenience. But that doesn’t mean you bring out your tool box and start with the fixing work yourself. Given the complicated mechanism, dangerous garage door springs, and weight of the garage door, the repairing business is just beyond your control. That simply means that you need a professional repairman for that.

5 Signs Your Garage Door Needs a Professional Service

Let’s check out the signs indicating that you need a professional service for your garage door.

Door is Not Balanced

When the door is out of balance, it can close too quickly which may pose potential danger for kids and pets. To check if the garage door is unbalanced, notice these things:

  • It looks uneven while closing or opening
  • Making strange sound when opening or closing
  • It closes on manual opening
  • It falls downward when closing off the ground

Only a garage door specialist can balance your door as he has the right tools plus the expertise.

Occurrence of Irritating Noise

Apart from the usual noise in opening and closing of garage door, if you heard irritating or loud noise, it means worn rollers, loose hardware and other parts needs lubrication. The other factors are loose nuts and bolts, spring problems, rollers replacement, hinge replacement and tension in garage door opener. Needless to say, you need to approach professional garage door serviceman to fix these problems.

Garage Door Gets Stuck Halfway

If you are facing this issue with your garage door opener, there may be many reasons behind it. It may be due to the fault in pulley which helps lift the door via vertical cables at each side of the door. A pulley can’t work due to the misaligned or hung up cable or any obstruction. The other possible causes can be a damage and or obstruction in hinges, tracks and rollers.

The Track is Misaligned

It can be serious issue if your door track stays out of alignment as it is essential for the smooth mobility of your door. If you observe gaps between the rollers and rail, or some twists in the rails, this is the clear sign that your door track may be misaligned. It should be fixed immediately if you don’t want to spend heavily to replace the entire track later on.

Broken Springs

If your garage door doesn’t go up smoothly, it means that there may be damage in torsion spring. Here are the signs pointing towards the broken torsion springs of a garage door:

  • Creating a loud bang similar to the firecracker
  • A garage door opener is not able to lift the weight of the door or struggle to open it.
  • 2 inch gap in torsion spring
  • Top section of the garage door is not bending
  • Jerky motion when go up and down

So, these are the faults in garage door which can and should be fixed by professionals. They are not DIY ideas.

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