5 Types of Garage Door Materials to Choose From

From woods to steel, you have plethora of choices when it comes to choose the garage door. However, choosing the right one is crucial. Read here which one is best for you.

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Choosing a right garage doors is extremely important for security, safety and easy access to your garage. Plus, they accentuate your property’s exterior.

Generally, garage doors are made from the materials like steel, wood, fiberglass, aluminum and vinyl. Though of these materials have their own pros and cons, you must purchase them according to your need which would increase their benefits. Here, we’ve summed up the common garage door materials on the basis of durability, maintenance and cost.

Wood and Wood Composite

Wood makes a gorgeous garage doors! They are the great choice for those who want traditional style. In fact, the first garage doors were made from woods. They provide better insulator than other materials though the insulated steel door delivers better energy conversation.

But they are expensive and require furnishing and painting from time to time. For example, stain-grade wood doors are costly, but they add to your home exterior with their natural wood look.

On the other hand, wood composite resembles closely wood but weigh less and cheaper; and good for the double doors. Hardboard panels are other cheaper options in wood category.


Steel garage doors are robust and provide better security than wood and other materials including aluminum, or fiberglass. Nowadays, steel doors are available with wooden look that may make wood doors out of competition. The biggest benefit of using steel door is that they are free from normal wear and tear, damages, crack, and are resistant to the weather. And they don’t rust either! The only pitfall is that once they develop dent, they are very difficult to repair.

Galvanized steel is one of the widely used steel door and have all aforesaid benefits of steel. They don’t rust but are prone to dents. For the right choice, install at least a 24 or 25 gauge steel one, or one coming with fiberglass coating to resist rust and dents.


Aluminum garage doors come with same prone and cons like steel garage door have. Aluminum single-piece tilt-up doors are popular because they are lightweight, rust free, and are cheaper. They have only one drawback—they are prone to dents. Aluminum is good choice for extra wide double doors, as they are lightweight. Nowadays, aluminum doors are even stronger and heavier than the previous versions and are dent proof.

However aluminum is cheaper, but some models like doors with heavy duty frames can be expensive.


Fiberglass garage doors can resemble the beauty and detail of natural wood without maintenance. Nowadays, they go beyond their traditional features as they are also available as the steel core behind their fiberglass skin. Some of them are coming with polyurethane insulated base sections for improving the insulation levels. And icing on the cake is that they enhance your home exterior with their decorative and elegant panels.

However, they may be expensive than average steel insulated door and can be cracked with age or due to cold climates. Choose the one mimicking the beautiful appearance of the wood and let the natural light in.


Vinyl doors are durable garage doors as they are break proof. They may look like fiberglass in appearance. Besides, they have natural insulating properties and are free from rot, rust and swelling.

Bottom Line:

Choose the door according to your needs and accommodating stuff. For example, you don’t need to purchase energy saving or heavily insulated doors for garage being used for storage or parking, as it can accumulate the fumes and chemical inside.

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