7 Trouble Shooting Tips for Electrical Garage Doors

Automatic garage doors are a common sight across the neighborhood and a popular choice for home owners who own cars. Since, the garage door comprises of many mechanical and electrical components there is constant wear and tear due to regular usage. All users should educate themselves about trouble shooting their door in order to avoid the cost of calling in a professional garage door service. However, if even after troubleshooting the door is still not working properly, it is best advised to get in touch with the manufacturer of the door or a licensed door repair specialist in the area. Take a look at a list of troubleshooting tips for Electrical Garage doors.


1. If the Door Stop When Closing

If the door stops before reaching the bottom and starts opening again, then the first thing to check is the sensors. The sensors in an automatic door are placed along the track and if anything is blocking their signal the door will not be able to close. The eye of the sensor can be cleaned to improve its accuracy.

2. The Door Does Not Open With the Key Pad

The first thing to do in this case is to check the battery of the keypad, it might be running low. First change the battery and see if the door functioning is restored. The next step would be to check their sensor and the motor of the controller.

3. The Door Does Not Open With the Switch

If the door refuses to open with the switch inside the garage or with the controller, check if the lights are working fine. It means that there is a problem in the wiring or the breaker of the door. The breaker box should be checked for any tripping or burning. The motor can also be checked for any loose wires, with the breaker turned off.

4. The Door Is Making Scraping Sounds

Generally scarping sounds are produced when the door becomes loose and starts rubbing on one side. A loose wheel or a twisted track is the reason for this problem. The wheels and track can be tightened by the homeowner, however for a loose spring a professional needs to be called in.

5. The Garage Door Is Creaking


A creaking door is not a very serious problem; it just implies regular wear and tear. Check the instructions from the manufacturer about the instructions for regular lubrication. Generally, the wheels, bearings and hinges need regular oiling to keep them in good condition.

6. The Door Is Not Accepting the Security Code

In some cases it has been seen that if the neighbor and the home owner have the same security code, the functioning of the door is affected adversely. The easiest solution for this is to change the code.

7. The Door Opener Is Running but the Door Is Not Opening

The door might have got disconnected from the garage door opener. Or the emergency release chord might have been pulled by somebody. Depending on the model of the door the chord will be needed to be reengaged again.

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