A Short Guide to Buying A Garage Door

When shopping for a garage door, the important thing to keep in mind is its utility. If the garage is also being used as a workshop, a utility area or a play room, the door needs to be insulated then. The garage is being used as an extension of the living space by most homeowners. As the activities in the garage increase, so does the necessity to maintain a comfortable and constant temperature in the area. Insulated doors are a great option to conserve the heat and control the power bill.
Next find a short guide on which garage door to buy.

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1. Sizes

The foremost factor in selecting a garage door is the size of the door. Doors are available in all sizes and can fit any opening. Measure the opening and take the details to your local home depot.

2. Styles

The style that is chosen should complement the exterior of the house. Doors with windows and window panels are an excellent method of adding style to the door. Double paned windows let the natural light in and prevent the heat from escaping out.

3. Panel designs

Homeowners can choose from four types of panel designs.
• Flush panels- are mostly flat, textured and they complement the surrounding area by blending in.
• Long raised panels- they give depth and a unique personality to the door. They add to the overall appearance of the garage.
• Short raised panels- they provide depth to the door and are an excellent choice for Victorian style homes. They come with intricate trimming and the look very stylish on Tudor homes.
• Painted panels- they add character to plain and raised panels. They look very attractive when the sloped portion is painted in a contrast color.

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4. Construction Of The Door

Doors are either made of wood or steel.
• Wooden doors- offer a wide range of choice. Consumers can choose from raised panels to standard design with ornate trimmings. They can also be sought in different kinds of grain and paint.
• Steel doors- are more economical than wooden doors and the most commonly bought doors. They are available in practically every color.

5. Types Of Steel Doors

Steel doors are available in many different kinds-
• Single layer garage doors- they are made of a single sheet of galvanized steel. They fall in the cheapest steel doors in the market.
• Double layer garage door- these doors have a steel sheet on the outside backed by a thick coating of polystyrene or polyurethane. The backer is installed to provide insulation and soundproofing to the door.
• Triple layer garage doors- they are the same as double layered doors, but have an additional sheet of galvanized steel on the inside to protect the backing of polystyrene or polyurethane. These are the strongest doors and the most soundproof of the lot.

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