Electric Garage Door Maintenance Guide

A regular maintenance schedule for the garage door will keep all its parts in top condition and the output to the maximum. Locate a well reputed garage door repair service close to your home, in case you don’t have time to do the needful yourself. Always remember whenever you are checking the garage door all members of the family should be aware of it. And nobody should attempt to open or close the door till you have finished checking it. Let’s take a look at an easy schedule that can be followed for regular maintenance.

Electric Garage Door

1. Visual Inspection

Once a month close the garage and stand inside it. Take a look at the springs, rollers, cables, pulleys and other moving parts of the door. Look out for any damage due to wear and tear. If you think something does not look right call a garage door repair service right away. Do not attempt to fix the springs or pulleys yourself.

2. Balance test

For automatic doors, first disconnect the opener and try and lift the door manually. It should lift in a very smooth motion and you should feel no resistance at all. If it does not open completely or starts closing on its own, the balance has shifted and you need to call in a technician.

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3. Reverse Mechanism test

All automatic doors need to be outfitted with a reverse mechanism, a photo eye and sensors to prevent from anybody getting trapped in the door. Check your doors for all these features or have it replaced right away. Place a piece of wood in the centre of the door opening. Ideally when the door is closing the moment it touches the wood it should start reversing immediately. If that does not happen you need to call in an expert.

4. Photo test

Modern day approved automatic garage doors need to be equipped with a edge sensor or a motion sensor. Open the door completely and now press the button to close it. Wave a broom in front of the photo eye and check if the door starts reversing instantly. Clean the eye with a soft cloth, try to adjust it slightly and repeat the test.

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5. Force Test

The door should close and open in a very smooth motion at all times. The speed needs to be optimum with no excess force at any stage. Open the door completely and now press the button to close it. Half way through it try to hold the door with you arms stretched out and check if the door starts reversing immediately or not. If the closing motion continues step back immediately and call a garage door repair service.

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