Garage Door Color Selections for a Beautiful Home: Here is The Guide

When you plan to paint a garage door, choose a color that best complements the existing color scheme of your home and surroundings. This way, it will never fail to capture an onlooker’s attention and also enhance the curb value of the property. For tips and guidelines on selecting the perfect color, keep reading.

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Now that it is a necessity and fashion both to make the garage door appear attractive, most manufacturers are offering a huge variety of design and color choices. But when painting your garage door, it is important that you choose the most appropriate color. A color difference will not only be a visual attribute, but will also add to the future value of your house.

Here are tips that will help you paint your garage door to match up and merge with the color of your house:

#1 Know Your Preference

The choice of color will completely depend upon how you want the garage door to look. For example, you can choose a color that is darker and in absolute contrast to your house color if you want your door to stand out.

The ideal way to do it, however, is to keep the garage door from standing out by painting it in the same shade as the building itself. Matching your garage door color with the rest of the structure is also suggested because it will make the house look bigger.

#2 What is Your Desired Center of Attention?

Decide whether you want the architecture, design and color of your home to be the center of attention or the garage door. Where using the same color to paint the garage door as that of the house blends them in, there are several traditional methods and contrasting color schemes that can help you draw maximum attention to your garage door.

Technically, the trim around the garage door is usually kept the same color as the garage door itself, or same as the trim on the house.

#3 Stick to One Single Shade

It is quite common for homeowners to get tempted to choose two different colors to highlight garage door details. This technique hardly works when it comes to making your garage door look graceful. However, if it is a painted Lady or Victorian home, the idea may be of some help.

#4 Keep the Specific House Material in Mind

If the façade of the house comprises of bare bricks or stones, find the color cast of the material used and finalize it as the color of your garage door. Make sure you don’t try to match the door with your primary brick color. Instead, identify a highlighted color from the façade and paint the door with it. So, if beige is the highlight color of the brick, paint the garage door with the same beige color. Harmonizing the garage door with your house will enhance the curb appeal of both of them.

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