Garage Doors & Kids: Keep Your Dwelling Safe for Children

While making our homes safe, we sometimes forget to make the garage childproof too. That’s a huge blunder as the children do not stay away from it and it can be a very dangerous place for them.

Garage Doors

When buying a new house or moving into an old one remember to get your garage inspected by a professional to ensure that it is child safe and equipped with the latest technology. Here are some important tips to ensure that the threat to their safety is reduced:

1. For small children, lock the door that leads from the house to the garage So that they cannot enter it in your absence.

2. If you use the garage to store toxic and poisonous substances, keep them out of reach. And lock them in a cupboard if possible.

3. The contact reverse feature of the door opener needs to be checked regularly. Place a flat piece of wood in the doorway and try closing the door. Ideally the door should reverse after touching the wood piece. But if it goes back slowly you need to check the close force level of the garage opener.

4. The wall panel for control of the door should be high up out of the reach of kids, at least five feet up on the wall.

5. Children should be told strictly that doors are heavy and they should never ever stand, play or run near them. They should stand back when the door is opening or closing.

6. Door openers should only be handled by adults. The buttons are not for playing in any scenario.

7. The moving parts of the garage should never be touched. They can hurt their limbs or other body parts seriously.

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8. The remote of the garage opener should not be given to a child for play. It should at all times be in the possession of the parents.

9. For older children, read out the door safety manual to them from time to time.

10. All adults in the house should read the door manual and know how to operate the emergency release option of the door.

11. Inspect the door every month and check the garage springs, rollers, cables and pulleys for any damage.

12. Never demonstrate to children by putting your fingers inside the door sections. For a house with infants a door with panels should be chosen.

13. Always close or open the door completely. Leaving it halfway may cause it to come down rather go up, when operated next.

14. When on a vacation remember to unplug the door opener and invets in a lock for vacations.

15. Never leave the remote of the garage in the car. Keep it with your car keys to prevent illegal entry.

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