Garage Doors: What Does the Number of Flashes Mean?

A very important part of your garage door system, garage door opener is prone to a variety of technical faults because of frequent use on daily basis. This is the reason that most garage door openers today come with self-diagnostic features and functions. They are programmed in such a manner that, by counting the number of flashes, you can identify all potential issues your garage door opener is having.

Garage Doors

All top brands manufacturing garage door openers are delivering products with these hi-tech features, particularly flashes, making it possible for you to diagnose and fix any type of garage door opener-related issues in no time.

What Does the Number of Flashes Actually Mean?

Different numbers of flash produced by your garage door opener indicate symptoms of different technical issues. For example, one flash indicates an open (naked), disconnected or broken safety sensor wire. But when your garage door opener flashes twice, the sensor wire is shorted or the white and black wires have reversed. The safety eyes of your garage door opener won’t shine steadily in either of these cases.

In such situations, you must:

  • Examine the entire wiring for incorrect cabling or any staples
  • Disconnect the wires and reconnect the sending and receiving eyes separately to your opener. This will help you find out which wire is not lighting
  • Replace wires in case the sensors are united and the lights are glowing

Three Flashes

If your garage door opener is giving three flashes, this indicates problems related to the door control or wires being shorted. In that case, you should inspect the door control wires for any staples, exactly the same way as the safety sensor wires. Disconnecting the door control wires and touching them together will also help you figure out the problem.

Consider replacing your door control if you are able to activate the opener on touching the wires. But if you are unable to activate the opener by touching the wires, you will have to short across the white and red wires using a jumper wire. If you have already done it, but the opener is still not working, you need to completely replace the entire door control wiring.

Four Flashes

When you notice four flashes, it means your opener’s sensor eyes are misaligned. The problem can become even more complicated if the misalignment of the sensors is caused by some object, for it can break the electronic beam and prevent the garage door from closing properly. If this is the case, your door will stop and reverse upwards.

Five Flashes

Five flashes point to an overheated motor or the failure of a RPM sensor. You should unplug the unit to reset it, but if it continues to flash, get your RPM sensor replaced. If your motor doesn’t work, replace the logic board.

Six Flashes

Six flashes imply a motor circuit failure. If the motor unit completely fails to function, the receiver logic board should be fully replaced.


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