How to Troubleshoot Garage Door Openers

A garage door opener comes handy as you need not to open or close the door manually. Everything might seem perfect until it starts to malfunction. At the point when your carport entryway opener all of a sudden quits working legitimately, the clarification and result are normally really simple to manage.

Troubleshooting your door opener may require you to call an electrician or the product manufacturer for restoring the device operations. However, you can also try at your own to test the system by observing the behavior of various components such as the remote control, transmitters, electric cables and LEDs. For alterations and repairs that aren’t plainly obvious, you can check the holder’s manual or contact an expert.

Here are the most widely recognized issues, alongside the in all probable repairs for each.

1. There is No Power

Mostly, it means that the underlying power cable or a power source has probably been disrupted. Make sure the garage door opener unit is plugged in. After ensuring the cord into a live electrical plug, wait some time before switching the power button ON. Your motor unit might be switched off due to overheating. Just wait for some time to cool down the motor and test again.

If still the garage door opener doesn’t work, check for the circuit breaker or electric fuse in your house. Also look for any loose connection or damaged wires. Sometimes electric spark inside a socket gets unnoticed and can result in worn out plugs. Change the damaged electric plugs by replacing them (at your own or call an electrician) with new one and retest the garage door opener.

2. The System is Malfunctioning

It can be the case of wrong sensor alignment. There must be no thick object in between the beam transmitter and receiver. Anything like a thick cobweb might be blocking the beams and result in a garage door malfunction. Try to adjust the sensors by moving them left and right or changing their positions and retest.

3. The Garage Door Opener Doesn’t Operate With Remote

First of all, check the battery in remote for power. If it’s dead, replace the battery. In case, if your remote works well with another garage door opener installed at your neighborhood, it’s time to check the antenna. Ensure that the antenna is properly placed and receiving the signal smoothly (by blinking LEDs).

You can also watch a video below for step to step guide on Garage Door Opener Troubleshooting:

4. Door is Opening and Closing at Higher Frequency

Users can follow the owner’s manual for customized frequency settings. The frequency can be reset to default level by following the instructions in the manual or just pushing the reset button usually featured on the top of a garage door opener.

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5. The Gear Is Making a Heavy Noise While Operating

In such case, the ‘close limit switch’ of your door opener probably needs adjustment to move the gears in correct order. There can be some problem in the sprocket if the door is moving with difficulty. It would be good to call a professional to repair the gears and replace the defective ones.




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