Pro Handyman Shares Tips on Solving Common Garage Door Problems

The smooth opening and closing of the garage door is taken for granted by most of us. We tend to notice it more closely when it starts to behave abnormally or makes unusual sounds. The common problems can be fixed very easily by the home owner himself. In case a problem is not fixed right away, it is advisable to consult a garage door repair services company. Have a look at the common garage problems and their corresponding pro solutions.

Garage Doors

The Bottom of the Door Is Up Towards One Side

The most obvious reason for this problem is a frayed cable that needs replacement. The extension spring could have also worn out. Lastly the pulleys can also be checked.

The Door Closes Only On Holding the Push Button

The doors alignment has gone awry. The sensor or photo eye could be checked for dirt and replaced if required.

The Door Only Closed Partly and Then Reverses on Its Own

The cables need to be checked for wear and tear. The rollers could also be in need for lubrication. The photo eye should be checked for dirt. The track might have got bent after continuous use. Lastly the extension spring should be got checked by a professional to see if it needs replacement, along with the pulley.

You can also see a video below on solving some common garage doors problems:

The Door Is Jammed Completely

The cable might have broken in this case and needs replacement right away. The alignment of the track needs to be checked to make sure that it is not bent. The only other explanation could be a pulley that needs to be replaced.

The Door Is Not Closing All The Way Down

The track spacing needs to be adjusted and the trim moldings need to be inspected closely in this case. The hinges could have bent and need to be replaced by a professional. The track could have bent and needs straightening or adjustment. Finally the spring could have worn out and needs to be replaced.

A Loud Bang Was Heard and The Door Stopped Working

In most cases this means a broken spring. A homeowner should not try to fix this problem himself and should call in a professional service for fixing.

The Door Does Not Stay Open

The springs sometimes get faulty or loose their tensile strength. They prevent the door from staying open. Either the springs should be adjusted or replaced.

The radio controls are opening the door but not closing it

A misaligned or a defective photo eye is the most common reason for this problem. The easiest way to fix this is to clean the eye or replace it if the problem persists.

Thomas is a specialized garage door repair handyman, having more than 15 years of work experience in handling garage door repairs and installation throughout New Jersey.

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