Useful Tips for Troubleshooting Garage Door Springs

You cannot afford to disrespect the garage springs as they are the ones that ensure that the door is opened and lowered according to your convenience. But we must warn you that door springs are a very dangerous and should not be treated as child’s play. Please go through a list of safety tips that you need to take before undertaking any repairs on your own. It is very normal for garage springs to break and get replaced. It is not the easiest of the DIY projects and should be undertaken only if you are fully sure. Before trouble shooting the garage springs ensure that your health cover is set. Let’s have a look at some tips for troubleshooting garage springs.

Troubleshooting Garage Door Springs

1. Types of Springs

There are two different styles of garage door springs available in the market.

Torsion Springs – these are generally mounted on a shaft that is stationery and is locate d above the frame of the garage door. The springs work when they are twisted by the movement of the cables and the door panel. The tension in the springs enables the door frame to be lifted.

Springs Mounted on the Sidethese springs are generally heavy and long and are seen on both the sides of the track of the door. The pulley system comes into play to perform the function of closing and opening the door.

2. Springs and safety

Springs work best when they are wound tightly. If they are fiddled with they might break and cause a serious injury. If your garage springs are old and need replacement it is best to let a pro handle it.

3. Squeaking and Noisy Springs

A little squeak should not be a reason for alarm or calling in the experts. Application of some garage door lubricant will solve the problem. For the lubricant to sue check the website of any garage services company.

4. Imbalanced Springs

The first sign of imbalance is a problem in the smooth operations of closing and opening of the door. If it has stopped working altogether then it’s a bigger problem and cannot be handled by a novice. By pulling the cord that is attached to the arm that connects the trolley system with the door can help solve matters temporarily. Check the track of the door to see if it is bent or if something is obstructing the way.

Below is a video with step to step guide on Garage Doors Spring Repair and Replacement:

5. Spring Brackets

On inspecting the door you will see that the springs are placed in brackets that are attached to the bottom of the door. The tension in the springs is transmitted to the brackets too and they are under a lot of strain during the operations. Try to adjust them lightly do not try to tamper with them. Modern designs of garage doors have tamper resistant brackets.

Call ASAP garage door services after you have written down in detail about what is wrong with your door. They will be able to quote you the rates for replacing the springs over the phone and will be able to take care of any problem related to the garage door.

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