What Elizabeth, NJ Residents Should Know About Garage Door Springs

If you want a safe garage, one of the first things you’ll need is a proper and safe garage door.

And, if you really want a proper and sturdy door for your garage, you must pay a generous degree of importance to the door springs, which, unfortunately most of us in Elizabeth don’t bother to know much about.


Well, don’t panic for this article will point out to know some of the most important features about the door springs. So, here you go—

1) They’re the Main Feature of a Garage Door

Garage door springs are the main features of your garage because it is with the help of these that you are able to push the door up and down. Hence, overlooking this feature is indeed going to cost you much!

2) Garage Springs Are Replaceable

To begin with, you must know that garage springs are replaceable. As a garage door repair service provider in Elizabeth, NJ, we can help you with that.

Also, there are a lot of shops where you can get hold of the garage springs and you can fix them yourself. But, do it only if you’re sure of your mechanic abilities.

3) Two Kinds of Garage Door Springs

For your garage doors, you don’t need one, but two kinds of springs. While the extension springs are attached on both sides of the door right above the upper tracks, the Torsion springs are located right above the closed garage door.

4) They are Dangerous

Since the garage springs are tightly wound, they act under a lot of pressure. If they break accidentally, or if you, despite being an amateur mechanic, try to fiddle it too much, you might get severely hurt. So, don’t play around much with them.

Below is a nice video to watch on how to install garage doors springs:

However, in case your springs are being squeaky, you can try a method yourself to lessen the squeaks—lubricate the area well. In case, the squeaks are still being heard, know that it’s time to call the “doctor”!

You can call us any day and we will have your garage door in Elizabeth, NJ inspected on the same day.

5) Safety Features That Can Keep You Protected Against Accidents

Among the two types of springs discussed above, remember that a safety cable is attached to the walls on each side of the door that runs through the extension spring. Now this is a very important safety feature since these control the extension spring when broken, and prevents massive accidents. So, in case you need to repair your extension springs but cannot get hold of the safety cables, call in for experts’ help immediately.

6) How do you know they’re Out Of Order?

If you cannot open and close the doors smoothly, let yourself be known that the springs are out of order. In that case, if you face difficultly even in operating them manually, call for experts’ help immediately for there may be some serious issue with the springs.

7) Tamper Resistant Brackets for the Springs

All springs of the door are attached to brackets provided at the bottom of the door. Needless to say, like the springs, these are also very important feature that are consistently under a lot of tension. So, always call ASAP Garage Door Repair in Elizabeth, NJ for professional help if the need be.

Hope you would enjoy reading the article. Contact ASAP Garage Door Services for more information.

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