When Is the Right Time To Replace Your Old Garage Door Opener?

A garage door opener is certainly the most essential component of a garage door. They work on very simple mechanism and are deliberately designed for heavy duty. However, over the course of time and with repetitive usage, garage door openers can start malfunctioning and might even need a replacement.

So here we have a list of some primary reasons that indicate a garage door opener needs replacement and that just repair will not do.

Replace Garage Doors Opener

Security against Theft

The main objective behind installation of a garage door is to ensure safety, but when garage door becomes become old, they pose a greater threat to the safety of your cars and homes.

Also, because of outdated technology, thieves can comfortably crack garage door codes, which make your homes more susceptible to dangers. However, new garage doors work on hi-tech features like rolling code, card swaps or finger impressions and as result ensures greater safety and security to the house.

Enhanced Safety

Over a longer course of usage, smaller components of garage door openers become wobbly and might result in a compromise with safety. No one wants to endanger their lives of house inmates, especially of the children at home.

Modern day garage door openers are replete with essential safety features. For instance, most of them today come installed with sensors, so when a child or anyone else in passing under the door while it’s in the process of closing, the door will immediately sense them and stop.

Diminish Extra Noisy

Aging doors not only start to malfunction, but with the passage of time their openers start squeaking and squealing, which can be very annoying – the older a door, the louder the noises.

To eliminate this disturbance, hire an expert garage door repair services, have them over for an inspection, and if advised get the garage door openers changed at the earliest.

Meanwhile, you can watch a video below on replacing a garage door opener:


Advanced Backup

Remember times when a garage door got stuck halfway just because of a power outage? This is a common problem with garage door openers that run on electricity. However, new age garage doors are designed to work with battery backups that ensure proper functioning of the garage doors at all the times. The battery back will immediately engage when it detects an absence of power supply, and eliminate the possibility of stuck garage doors.

Enhanced Functionality

If your garage doors cause frequent problems with opening and closing, it’s time to replace them. You don’t have to wait till the doors start squeaking loudly. New age garage doors are much easier to open and close and come loaded with user-friendly features like automatic sensors, and battery backups. Investing in them only means you are enhancing the security and safety of your homes, along with enhanced functionality.

These are the things which you need to look up to check when there is a need to replace your garage doors opener. If you have any query or want to get more information don’t hesitate to contact us.


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